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Welcome to Light of the Valley!

Walking with one another reflecting the light of Jesus
Light of the Valley exists to glorify God and make disciples by engaging our worlds in the light of Christ

Our Beliefs

What it looks like:
A relationship with God that is personal and daily.
Relationships in the home that reflect God’s heart.
Relationships in the church that reflect God’s grace.
A relationship with the world that engages neighbors and nations.

What is a Lutheran:
A Lutheran is a follower of Jesus Christ, a member of the Christian Church. He or she would be defined as an evangelical Christian. The term “evangelical” refers to a term Protestants like to use to point out that their faith centers in the good news of what God has done for people in Jesus Christ.

Who was Martin Lutheran:
He was a fallible, energetic, robust, occasionally crude, never dull German monk who had tried to please God by living the disciplines of a monastery. But he experienced the wrath, not the love of God, for these efforts. A reading of the Bible, particularly the letters of Paul, led him to the experience of God’s unmerited goodness. He became a preacher, reformer, church leader, author of scores of books, family man, and proclaimer of the fact that God forgives people out of love, through Jesus Christ.

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Meet Our Team

Pastor Jay Reed

Senior Pastor

Arti Chand

Business Office Manager


Micah, Comfort Dog