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A handler is someone who is comfortable and competent with handling a K-9 and also competent to be able to listen, engage in conversation, pray, and proclaim Jesus Christ with those they are in contact when using the K-9 as the bridge between the handler and the person petting the K-9.  All handlers will be trained and certified by LCC.



The photographer is available at many of the team activities to take photos as well as occasionally taking photos of the Comfort Dog to be used for Social Media.


A deployment coordinator will communicate with LCC when team tasked to deploy; coordinate travel for handlers and helpers; coordinate lodging for handlers and helpers; and coordinate the logistics of the deployment team.


The helper role with the K-9 Comfort Dog program assists the handler as needed when they go to various events (i.e.: Drive to different events; Assist the handler with crowd control at larger events; Promote the ministry program and answer questions ; Hand out the K-9’s business cards and communication information; Take photographs for communications; Attend regular meetings)


Prayer team prays for K-9 Comfort Dog Team; Pray for individuals that the dog visits; Bring prayer requests to our God from those visited


The vet & groomer coordinator makes appointments with veterinarian and groomer as necessary.

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Would you like our LoV Comfort Dog at your upcoming event? Please contact our team to schedule a visit: [email protected]

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