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Handler Caregiver 
Attends visits, events with Micah.

Provides housing, care for Micah when he not working
Regular walks and exercise with Micah

Grooming: bathing, tooth brushing, nails, coat, massage
Control, reinforce Micah manners

Health maintenance, Rx, Vet, food
and behavior, rules, boundaries

Preparation of bag, supplies for handler visits/events
Source of correction, praise, play Micah doesn’t go on vacations

Attends initial LCC handler training

Ministry “Pawtner”

Assist Handler/Micah on visits, events

Point person, be aware of surroundings

Listen, answer questions, voice for Micah

Pass out cards, take pictures if needed

Pray with/for others if appropriate

Assist with driving, promotion

Communication/social media team:
Maintains dog’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Provides congregation with info on Micah’s activities and upcoming events
Submits monthly newsletters article for congregation & LCC
Submits information to newspaper, television

Other Roles:
Food Coordinator – plans snacks, food for meetings and social events.
Scheduler – Maintains Micah’s calendar/schedule, communicates with handlers and caregivers
Photographer – takes pictures, videos for documentation, social media
Card/correspondence – Writes thank you notes, birthday, get well, sympathy cards to those visited or when needed
Prayer team – Prays for Team, Prays for individuals that Micah visits
Fund-raising team – Works with team, LoV to plan and execute the fund raising throughout the year to support the on-going costs of this ministry